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What we ate in June – Keto potluck at O’kana Guest Ranch

Hello fellow foodies,

Instead of a regular blog post, I’ve made a little video of our keto potluck adventures at O’kana Guest Ranch in June. We also got to cuddle many puppies and kittens, and swoon over goats and alpacas. It was a wonderful meetup – thank you to LeeAnna and Cam for hosting us.

Save the date: Our next potluck is our annual Two-bite Appy and Pool Party at Lisa’s. The date is set for Thursday, July 25, with a 6pmish start time. Bring along your no-cutlery-needed appetizer to share, your swim suit and a towel!

Enjoy the video!


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The April Curry report

I have been remiss in my duties as deliciousness recorder. In April we had our first every curry potluck, which was hosted by the lovely ladies at Bead Trails. Despite being severely jet-lagged, Val still managed to make a killer Tikka Masala.

Other dishes included “Thai one on” Soup, mango curry dip, Moroccan lemon chicken tagine, butter chicken, chicken curry, thai salmon curry, some amazing thai curry noodles, a rocking curried trail mix, and some robust lemon squares to clean the palate in order to allow us to eat even more curry.

I hereby present some photos of our curry adventures. I was so overwhelmed by filling my plate (twice) that I forgot to take a group photo. I hope we can do another curry meetup someday, for it is truly wonderful.

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January meetup – are you up for the challenge?

Every year we have the opportunity to stretch out, both creatively with a new and wonderful culinary challenge, and physically, as we are hosted by the lovely people at the Summerland Waterfront Resort, in their spacious ballroom.

This year we have a challenge like no other. In honour of our hostess Lisa’s Estonian heritage, our quest will be to prepare recipes from the 15 post Soviet states. I’m rather excited about this theme. It’s not like anything we’ve tried before, which means pretty much all of us will be out of our kitchen comfort zones. We’ll get to learn about countries we didn’t know before, and eat amazing new things.

  • Meetup date: Wednesday, January 30
  • Where: 13011 Lakeshore Drive South. Please park in the underground parking lot to leave the outdoor lot free for Local on Lakeshore guests.
  • Time: 6pm-ish
  • What to bring: Your friends! We have lots of room for this event, so feel free to invite people to participate. Also, along with your dish, please bring a note card or print out of your recipe, which includes the country it comes from.
  • Extra fun: I’m gathering a Youtube playlist of tourism videos from the different countries, to hopefully play in the background while we eat.

To help get you started, here is a list of the countries that will be inspiring us. Happy cooking! Let me know what you’re making.

Central Asia

  • Kazakhstan
  •  Kyrgyzstan
  •  Tajikistan
  •  Turkmenistan
  •  Uzbekistan

Eastern Europe

  • Belarus
  •  Moldova
  •  Ukraine


  • Russia


  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia

Baltic states

  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania

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Upcoming meetups!

Greetings, foodie friends!

Get ready, for there are many potluck adventures ahead. We begin with November and our theme of “The dish I’ve been dying to make or have been meaning to make for so long but just haven’t gotten around to it and could really use an excuse to finally try it.” This theme was inspired by Jean, who I happen to know has a new recipe she’s been wanting to spring on us.  So get hunting through your cookbooks for bookmarks you put there two years ago, then hit the kitchen with gusto!

Date: Thursday, November 15
Time: 6ish
Where: Wendy’s! Thank you Wendy for hosting. Address is 7125 Peach Orchard Road. Limited parking in the driveway but you can park along the road.
What to bring: Feel free to bring along your own plate and cutlery. There will be some there too. Also, please bring a copy of the recipe of your dish or a vague list of ingredients. And the Tupperware! Always the tupperware.
RSVP: Sign up on the Facebook event or pop me an email back to let me know you’re coming.
And now, for the “Save the Date” section of the email.
Wednesday, December 5th will be the annual Most Excellent Cookie Swap at Lisa’s place. Details to follow, however, plan for 6-packs of cookies to swap, along with a plate for snacking during the meetup.
January (tentative date Jan. 24) will see us Back in the USSR, and I don’t mean the Beatles’ song. Your challenge will be to attempt a recipe from one of the 15 post-Soviet states. We will once again dine in the fabulous setting of the Summerland Waterfront Resort ballroom. I chose this theme because I wanted our glorious hostess Lisa Jaager to have an excuse to make us more Estonian food. Knowing our collective culinary creativity, you could say I’m a little excited for this meetup.
That’s all for now.
Peace, love, and buttercream,

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Taste of Summerland Potluck

Greetings, everyone!

This month’s potluck is a little bit different – the Arts Council is hosting a Culture Days event on September 29 at the Art Gallery, and as a bonus they’re going host us for our potluck at the gallery in the evening. I’ve made a Facebook event and we have lots of room so feel free to bring someone along.
Start time: 6pmish at the Arts Centre on Wharton.
Theme: Taste of Summerland – a chance to showcase locally grown ingredients or locally made products. Be as simple or as eccentric as you desire.
To bring: A piece of paper or recipe card with either the recipe or list of ingredients. Tupperware for lovely, lovely leftovers. If you’d like to save on using paper plates and plastic cutlery, feel free to bring your own plate, etc.
There are many more events happening all day on Saturday – I hope you can take part in some of them!

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Canadian Classics Potluck!

Hope to see you next week!

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December Cookies Swap photos (and January meetup news!)

Confession: I ate cookies for breakfast for three days in a row following our annual cookie swap. I feel no shame, for they were delicious. I have more in the freezer that I’m trying to save until July. I want to eat Christmas cookies in July, with an iced coffee. They say it’s good to set goals for yourself. Time will tell if this one is unrealistic.

I’m going to play a game of “were these your cookies?” with my photo collection. Lisa (hostess extraordinaire – thank you!)  made a list of who made what, but sometimes I can’t tell my ginger cookies from my ginger crackle cookies. Forgive me if I get a few wrong or if I’ve missed some. You know how distracted I get around all the food. Look at this wonderful group! A huge welcome to our newest baking club foodies. 

Before I begin with the cookie photos, Save The Date for January 11th, also known as The Epic Summerland BACON Potluck. The glorious folks at the Summerland Waterfront Resort will once again be hosting us. Start thinking of dishes that feature BACON in some way. For those who are vegetarian or who just want to try something new, “facon” is also welcome. We’ll meet at 6pm and start the whip-round at 6.30. We may try a film again, in this case Footloose, staring Kevin BACON.

Kevin Bacon – part of a complete breakfast.

To the cookies!

Some of our lovely members made up beautiful packages for their cookies. 🙂

Kim’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Chocolate Chip goes with every season.

Kathleen’s Ginger Cookies? I just want to put ice cream between two cookies and make a glorious ginger cookie sandwich.

I believe these to be Janice’s Shortbread with cherries. Christmas isn’t the same without shortbread.

Lisa’s towers of Snickerdoodles. I’ve discovered that Snickerdoodles make wonderful breakfast biscuits.

Linda’s adorable little Shortbread Cookies.

I thought these might be Ingrid’s Russian Bon bons, but I think they’re a shortbread. Tracy’s Orange Cranberry? What I had discovered is I don’t have a photo of the bon bons, and I’ve eaten all of mine so you’ll just have to believe how wonderful they were.

Maggie’s Mexican Oatmeal Cookies. Now that we have a member from Mexico, I think we need to think about a Mexican themed meetup. Summer outdoor perhaps?

Kathy’s Ginger Crackle Cookies? Look, dancing Santas!

Rene’s Snickerdoodle’s could be used as plates for other cookies. Then you eat your plate. Yes.

I believe these to be Betty’s Orange Cranberry Shortbread. Paired with hot chocolate =yum.

Chantelle’s signature Chocolate Oreo Truffles. Super rich and worth hiding away so you don’t have to share.

Sophia’s Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies. I love crinkle cookies. So soft, so chewy.

Wendy’s Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. I had no guilt whatsoever eating these for breakfast. Robust and delicious and excellent with tea.

LeeAnna’s Almond Biscotti. I didn’t get to try these ones, but they sure looked gorgeous in their parcels.

More loot! Thanks everyone who came out to visit and catch up. See you in January! BACON!

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