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The Great Maple Syrup Potluck!

Greetings foodie pals!

It’s the potluck countdown…

  • Who: You and anyone who haul along with promises of great deliciousness
  • What: Maple Syrup Everything! Your dish should include maple syrup in some way. Bake with it, make a fancy drink, use it in salad dressing….it’s up to you! Along with your dish, bring your Tupperware for potential leftovers. Has anyone else noticed the impressive lack of leftovers at the last couple of meetups?
  • When: This Thursday, April 13th at 6pm.
  • Where: Our hosts Maple Roch are located on Victoria Street. The entrance is at the back of the building. It’s a nice big space so invite your friends!
  • Why: Because treats. Because all the treats.

I’m very excited for this one. If you haven’t already joined the Facebook event page, email me at to let me know you’re coming along.

I squeeze you.






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Childhood Memories – photos of deliciousness


First of all, Please note – the Cookie Exchange on December 10th has been cancelled. December is having its way with us and everyone is rather stuffed with events and festive deadlines and the general berserk hecticness that swamps us at the end of each year. No worries- we will gather in January and welcome the New Year with a good, collective feed. Oh, yes.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who attended the Childhood Memories meetup in November. I had my German Lentil Soup all ready to go, but wasn’t able to make it to the meetup due to it being the day before Festival of Lights and work got away on me.

Thanks to Charmaine for hosting, Sandra for organizing and Lory for all the photos! Feast your eyes on some of the goodies shared on the night. Watch the blog and Facebook for news about January’s gathering!

cake-and-tarts childhood-memories chocolatecake cinnamon-buns-2 cinnamon-buns cookies meatballs meatballs2 pineapplecake pudding treats


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October Meetup – Halloween!

Hello, Summerland Bakers!

Photos from September’s meetup at Sandra’s have been posted on our Facebook page.

October’s theme: Halloween Treats and Savouries

WHEN:  Thursday, October 20th at 6:00 ish

WHERE:  Our host this month is Jean Willoughby-Flebbe.

We will enjoy our Trick or Treats in Garnet Valley – Please RSVP to Sandra at and she will send you the address & directions.

See You There!

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Birthday Treat

What every cake lady desires on her birthday: a cute little lemon cupcake in a delightful flower case. So soft, with fluffy sweet icing.  Delicious!

Lemon muffin

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They came, they saw, they ate cake

First of all, Summerland Bakers is now on Facebook! Follow along to share ideas and keep up-to-date with upcoming events.

I am pleased to report that the first gathering of our little baking club went off without a hitch. A small band of four enthusiastic cake lovers took to eating cake for no reason as easily as breathing.


Cake_LadyAnd of course the hostess was equally eager to get stuck into the delights of cakey goodness.

We didn’t have a theme other than “cake” and we ended up with great variety among our three cakes. There was Christine and Haley’s “too much chocolate cake” (apparently that’s what it is called, something to do with the addition of chocolate chips into the otherwise already chocolatey mix).

However, we all agreed the name should be changed, perhaps to “an appropriate amount of chocolate cake.” It was topped with Hayley’s espresso icing, which makes use of marshmallow fluff. The other secret ingredient is love. All things combined, it was one delicious cake.


The lovely Jennifer (aka Nif) struggled to keep her jam between the layers of her white cake during the application of her coconut and rum icing. If anyone reading this knows a trick to avoid this, please share your findings! Despite the gooey setback, the cake was excellent and the icing was particularly Moorish.


Finally, my attempt at a strawberry pavlova fell flat – literally. I made the mistake of not leaving the pavlova in the oven to cool. Fearing I had already overcooked it (which I had), I took it out and then did not allow it to cool long enough before placing it in a sealed container. In the end it looked nothing like the recipe, but the obscene amount of strawberries and cream slathered on top made it more than bearable.


Next month, the them will be “tarts!” If you would like an excuse to murder your healthy eating habits in a truly dramatic fashion on May 30, email and sign up. Savoury or sweet tarts – it doesn’t matter. Just get tarty!


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Life’s too Short: Eat Cake

Eat_CakeThe cakes are in the oven for our first (small but sweet) gathering tomorrow.

But who will drink tea from the coveted “Eat Cake” mug?

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Ready, set, bake!

When in doubt, just start.

I have been meaning to start this group for many months and something always seemed to come up. But after nearly a year away from Scotland, where I lived for seven years, I sorely miss my “cake ladies.” I miss the camaraderie and the creative passion that buzzed in the room every time we gathered together, whether for an official cake “event” or just for a casual meeting at a patisserie. I miss the sheer decadence of a long table teetering under the weight of more than 20 cakes. I miss the tension that would rise as the time neared to get the knives out and start serving.

In a world of being so busy all the time, baking clubs are a throwback to creating something from scratch. And even if it isn’t perfect, it’s still fabulous. The difference is that now we have the opportunity to brag about our cakes in this magic place called the internet, which is what this blog is for. It will chart our kitchen adventures, from new baking tricks to creative uses of local ingredients.

So it begins. The first event of the Summerland Bakers will be this Thursday, April 25. It will be small gathering, but that’s okay. The main thing is, there will be cake.

Coming soon: a Facebook page, Twitter feed and more, but for now, if you would like to join in the cakey fun, email me at and I’ll send you the details.

Peace, love, and buttercream,


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