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Creative Indulgence Potluck – a new record!

Artisans of the OkanaganCreativity itself doesn’t care at all about results – the only thing it craves is the process. Learn to love the process and let whatever happens next happen, without fussing too much about it. Work like a monk, or a mule, or some other representative metaphor for diligence. Love the work. Destiny will do what it wants with you, regardless. –Elizabeth Gilbert

Now that you’re feeling all inspired about the limitless joys of creativity, I’m here to tell you there is in fact a limit to creativity, and that stop sign looks a lot like this:

avocado shrimp jello salad

Look away, lest the green demon possess you!

This was the jiggling monstrosity known as the Avocado Shrimp Jello Salad, the recipe for which can be found in Sally Butcher’s Salmagundi. I assure you, the rest of the recipes look amazing, and I don’t know what possessed Butcher to include this recipe in her book. Lime jello with Tabasco sauce and chives, and that was before you add the olives, avocado and shrimp to the mix. When I think about it too hard, I still shudder.

March Meetup 2015Luckily, I did not allow anyone to taste the ASJS at our recent meetup. There was no question of any of us going hungry, since we set a NEW RECORD of foodie participants! The final count was 24.5, beating the old record by one adult and one confused looking infant.

A huge, overwhelmed thank you to the fantastic people of Artisans of the Okanagan for hosting our gathering. What a brilliant opportunity to meet with several of the artisans, tour the shop, ask questions, and indulge in the biggest range of goodies yet. From venison curry to opera cake, and homemade chocolate marshmallows to quiche and even homemade crackers.

The quote of the night was courtesy of the lovely Lisa L, who introduced her Lemon Crinkle Cookies thus:

“I Googled ‘best cookie recipe of all time.’ These aren’t them.”

Badum dum tss!


We had to dedicate a whole table just for desserts – that’s how awesome we are.

Another highlight of the evening for me was the stunning Opera Cake made my Carmen, and on her own birthday no less!

Opera Cake

Italian meringue, people! Layers of Italian meringue.

Some of the recipes from this most amazing meetup are starting to flow into my email box, and I will share them next time. If anyone desperately wants the recipe for the avocado shrimp jello salad, I will happily forward it to you. Otherwise, I shall leave it consigned to memory, where I hope it will be caught up in the current with one of those important facts I always seem to be forgetting, and be swept away into back and beyond of my subconscious, never to be thought of again.


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Well done, bakers! 2014 Summerland Fall Fair

I GOT A BLUE RIBBON! My cake may have been a disaster but I still got my very first blue ribbon for my sweet chilli jam! Cue the curvy woman dance, which is kind of like a wiggle with an undertone of ecstatic power.

Fall Fair 2014_6


While I was at the Fall Fair today, I ran into some fellow cake ladies and saw several familiar names on submissions. Well done to everyone who put forward their creations this year, and also to everyone who is supporting the Fall Fair by buying a ticket. It was a hive of activity this morning, which was great to see.

More fall fair baking photos did I hear you say? Well, alrighty then! Chantelle’s hard work and multiple submissions paid off! And I don’t know what those judges were thinking, not awarding a ribbon for Janice’s pumpkin pie. We ate that pie – it was awesome. I call for a recount! Hooray also for Kim and her excellent #piebomb! If I missed anyone I’m so sorry – it was hectic and there were so many things to look at! If you have Fall Fair photos to share, please post them on our Facebook page.

Fall Fair 2014_1 Fall Fair 2014_2 Fall Fair 2014_3 Fall Fair 2014_4 Fall Fair 2014_5 Fall Fair 2014_7 Fall Fair 2014_8 Fall Fair 2014_9 I got mine at the Apple Barn

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Almost better than cake

Dale Matthews Amish BuggyEven I know that beauty isn’t always covered in chocolate ganache and whipped cream. The Summerland Art Gallery has opened in their new space on Main Street and it’s AMAZING!

Their first show is a collection of work by Dale Matthews. The Gallery’s Grand Re-opening celebration is this Saturday and you must go! If you need some foodie enticement there will be a pancake breakfast between 9am and 11am. But seriously  – don’t miss it.

Dale Matthews artwork

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