The Summerland Bakers is a baking club in Summerland, BC, a beautiful town in the heart of the Okanagan. We are blessed with great wine and incredible orchards of peaches, apples, pears, apricots and more. Summerland is also the home of the Sweetheart Cherry, the most widely grown cherry variety in the world.

The club was founded by Sophia, a member of the Edinburgh Bakers (formerly known as the Edinburgh Cake Ladies), and she hopes the Summerland Bakers will grow to be the joyful celebration of foodie goodness that Edinburgh has been since 2010.

The premise is simple: Once a month we choose a theme, bake or cook from scratch, and get together to show off our creations. Then we eat them, and pack away the leftovers in huge Tupperware containers.

This is a fun group of amateur bakers. So if your layers are tilting and your icing is too runny, slap it on a plate and serve it anyway.

Want to join in? Email Sophia at pleasebringcake@gmail.com.

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