What we ate in May – Inspired by the News!

Greetings, fellow food lovers,

This month we had our “Inspired by the News” potluck at the Summerland Review office. Who holds a feast in a newsroom? We do! Thank you to Luc, Nan and John for hosting our little gathering. If you haven’t watched it already, check out the video of the event.

The key learning from this meetup was Put Homemade Yogurt on Everything. Tracy took the newsworthy Instapot trend and ran with it, using a tin of condensed milk to create the a subtly sweet flavour.

Nan told a great story of how she saved her cinnamon rolls from a near disaster, which was lucky, since they were lovely dipped in yogurt. Luc took her inspiration from her Italian heritage, baking up a batch of biscotti best enjoyed with a copy of the latest newspaper and a nice sit down (also nice with yogurt). John plied us with mountains of Death By Chocolate Cookies, a recipe winner from one of Review’s past community cookbook publications. I ate three of these melt-in-your-mouth dreams, but was so overwhelmed I neglected to take a photo of them, so here’s the recipe instead (click to make bigger), as well as a bonus photo of some nuns touting their heavenly Bourbon Balls.

There were several recipes taken from newspapers clippings, including Janice’s mincemeat pie, a recipe that her mom had cut from the paper many moons ago. Wendy, who has tempted us with many a substantial dessert over the years, made an enormous chocolate dream that was even better smothered in yogurt.

Kim’s bake was inspired by the Queen. Thousands baked and scoffed Queen Elizabeth Cakes in celebration of the Queen’s coronation, although the Queen herself apparently did not. Well, she missed a treat, because this heavy date-rich offering is delicious. Also awesome swimming in a small sea of yogurt. The gang at the Review had put out some of the archive papers for us to peruse, and as luck would have it, the page was open to June 4, 1953, where the headline story was none other than the coronation. This calls for even more yogurt!

Karen and I both chose “superfoods” as our news trend inspiration. Karen whipped up a quiona salad (one regular, one spicy, as is Karen’s way), and I made a spring minestrone superfood soup.

Alas, I only got a nibble of Jean’s Perogie Casserole, but what a nibble it was. Worth sacrificing a few points on the cholesterol scale. We also had the chance to toast the lovely Jean and Ken on their 39th anniversary! Hearts and warm fuzzies all around.

And that’s the news and all the treats inspired by it! Join us on June 13 when we visit the beautiful O’kana Guest Ranch for our first ever Keto potluck. The Facebook event page is here, or email me at pleasebringcake@gmail.com for more information.


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2 responses to “What we ate in May – Inspired by the News!

  1. Jean Ballantyne

    Yeh-got John’s recipe for Death by Chocolate Cookies; can hardly wait to make them-so delish! I was surprised to see who the baker was from the newspaper-it was a friend who sadly passed away a number of years ago-such a lovely lady!

  2. please_bring_cake

    Those cookies were amazing! I’m so happy your friend’s recipe is still making people happy years later. I’ve saved the recipe and plan to make them for a family gathering in the summer. 🙂

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