Our French Canadian feast at Maple Roch

Hello food loving friends, how are you today? What are you remembering most from our French Canadian potluck? Personally, I have no regrets about eating a piece of Janice’s maple tourlouches that had fallen on the floor (five second rule), nor about my second helping from the glorious, topping-rich poutine station.

My only regret is I was too slow during the snapping up of the leftovers and managed to snag only one of Kim’s Montreal bagels for my breakfast the next day. Sad times. But I did get one, which I plied with copious butter. It was tremendous. In addition, I consoled myself by spreading sourdough toast with lashings of Val’s creton, which one website rightly describes as “highly addictive French Canadian meat spread.” Later for elevenses I enjoyed two kinds of tarte au sucre (thank you, Wendy and Diane!), a large, rich lump of Kathleen’s poudin chomeur, and a big mug of tea.

The beans! Do you remember the beans? Two kinds of slow baked, maple syrup laden Feves au lard? I ate Karen’s alongside Jean’s perfect little tourtiere pockets and Kathleen’s next to a slice of Lisa’s onion & bacon tart. Did you get to try the maple lavender tea, and a dram of the Sortilege Gina regaled us with? And what of the two crock pots of pea soup? I liked Candace’s better than mine – it had more ham flavour. Next time, more ham!

But I must think again about the poutine. Crispy fries, big nuggets of cheese curd, generous crumblings of BACON, thick gravy with maple, maple garlic scapes and chopped pickles. It’s the kind of dish that’s a party all by itself.

Mirjana and Lacey decked out the front of the Maple Roch store with tables and chairs and cleared all the counters for our offerings. The shop resembled a busy pop-up bistro, and people walking by on Victoria Street peered in with curiosity. Mirjana gave us an update on a few of the fun projects the Maple Roch team is working on, the most notable being the tapping of Summerland maple trees to turn into maple syrup.

Thank you to Maple Roch for hosting us and to everyone who came out to make it such a great evening, full of laughter and good catch-ups. Kathleen proposed the splendid idea of adding a fondue theme to our winter meetup schedule. In the meantime, our next potluck gathering will be April 25 at Bead Trails. Your culinary challenge in one word: Curry.

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