Upcoming meetups!

Greetings, foodie friends!

Get ready, for there are many potluck adventures ahead. We begin with November and our theme of “The dish I’ve been dying to make or have been meaning to make for so long but just haven’t gotten around to it and could really use an excuse to finally try it.” This theme was inspired by Jean, who I happen to know has a new recipe she’s been wanting to spring on us.  So get hunting through your cookbooks for bookmarks you put there two years ago, then hit the kitchen with gusto!

Date: Thursday, November 15
Time: 6ish
Where: Wendy’s! Thank you Wendy for hosting. Address is 7125 Peach Orchard Road. Limited parking in the driveway but you can park along the road.
What to bring: Feel free to bring along your own plate and cutlery. There will be some there too. Also, please bring a copy of the recipe of your dish or a vague list of ingredients. And the Tupperware! Always the tupperware.
RSVP: Sign up on the Facebook event or pop me an email back to let me know you’re coming.
And now, for the “Save the Date” section of the email.
Wednesday, December 5th will be the annual Most Excellent Cookie Swap at Lisa’s place. Details to follow, however, plan for 6-packs of cookies to swap, along with a plate for snacking during the meetup.
January (tentative date Jan. 24) will see us Back in the USSR, and I don’t mean the Beatles’ song. Your challenge will be to attempt a recipe from one of the 15 post-Soviet states. We will once again dine in the fabulous setting of the Summerland Waterfront Resort ballroom. I chose this theme because I wanted our glorious hostess Lisa Jaager to have an excuse to make us more Estonian food. Knowing our collective culinary creativity, you could say I’m a little excited for this meetup.
That’s all for now.
Peace, love, and buttercream,

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