In which we potluck, western style

This month I learned that sangria goes with everything. Thank you Tracy – what a way to welcome summer.

Our theme was Western and in true baking club fashion, we gave it the old yee haw. There were two baked bean dishes, both slow cooker style (all those tender hours on low heat). Think of rich, tangy sauce, the flavour equivalent of a heavyweight boxer light who is on his feet.

In the salad realm, there were three. We decimated the entire bowl of spicy coleslaw. In goes without saying that creamy coleslaw next to baked beans is a glorious thing. I was initially suspicious of the kale salad (I’m always suspicious of kale – it’s just a built-in thing with me). But I I really liked it. Never underestimate the power of feta cheese and a zingy dressing. The Texas Caviar was resplendent in anti-oxidant-rich veggies, and added the necessary additional crunch for overall mouth-feel awesomeness.The bready things were paired with the saucy and salady things. We lavishly dipped the jalapeño & cheddar cornbread and the bannock made with BACON.

There were two kinds cookies. One kind was so decadent with rich ingredients, the dough had defeated a Kitchenaid and had to be mixed by hand. The other cookies were so gooey with chocolate, they inadvertently caused the eater to take time out for gentle reflection, just letting the mind wander on the silky softness of cookie bliss.And there was sangria and delicious white wine and lovely company and meeting new friends and the stunning view of Giant’s Head Mountain from Tracy’s porch.

So yeah. Just the usual baking club routine. Recipes next time and more of the same extravagance at Lisa’s August 3 for the two-bite appies and pool party.


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