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Healthy Potluck – delicious photos!

Welcome bakersSay the words with me:

Baba Ganoush!




Have you ever wanted to make a recipe because you liked how it sounded? Our January Healthy Potluck and Movie Night was a collection of incredible food, including several dishes that were a delight to say as well as eat. A huge thank you to the lovely Lisa and the Summerland Waterfront Resort for hosting us, with tablecloths and wine glasses and cloth napkins and everything! Thanks for everyone for coming out, bringing delicious food to share, and swaying in your seats to the cuban-inspired music of Chef.


I present to you a collection of photos of our goodies. I have gathered up some recipes and will post them next time.


Kim S’s Schneckenbrot, aka “Snail Bread.” Not only is it delicious, it’s a very handy thing to yell at someone in order to confuse them.

Palm Spring Guacamole

Lori’s Palm Springs Guacamole. Yes, we ate it all.


Jan’s South African Bobotie. I had always wanted to try this dish so it was such a treat!


Lori’s Baba Ganoush and veggie chips. Baba Ganoush. Baba. Ganoush. So good.

veggie rice rolls

Thai style Veggie and Rice Noodle rolls. Light, healthy, yum.

Shepherds pie

Janice’s Shepherd’s Pie. She even did the fancy zen lines with the fork. 🙂

Random Pasta Salad

Karen’s “Random Pasta Salad” with olives. Love the name, and loved this salad!

Quinoa veggie salad

You can’t have a healthy potluck without a quinoa and veggie salad!

Pumpkin Pear Spice Cake

Wendy’s Pumpkin Pear Spice Cake with cream cheese icing. I love that part of why this recipe was healthy is that the icing was not as thick as she usually would make it. Tee hee.

Peanut Butter Pie

A little dessert photo, featuring Chantelle’s Peanut Butter Pie (nom), and Evelyn’s Angel Food Cake with Okanagan Fruit Compote (also very nom).

Greek Lentil Soup

Tina’s Greek Lentil Soup. I have the recipe for this and I will post it next time!

Granola bars

Kim L’s Granola Bars. These were lovely – the recipe is John’s but Kim added the flourish with the chocolate chips, which I for one really appreciated, because chocolate.

Curry Chilli with beans

Leslie’s Curry Chilli with Beans. Hearty, healthy, perfect for winter.

Chia power donuts

Jennifer’s Chia Seed Power Donuts, from Oh She Glows. There was chia seed jam as well, which I neglected to photograph.

Broccoli Salad

Lisa L’s Broccoli Salad with cranberries, sunflower seeds and toasted almonds. I had this for my lunch the next day. Thanks, Lisa!

black bean and chickpea salad

Charlie’s Black Bean and Chickpea Salad. A little lime thrown in for a Southwestern kick.

Beef Stew

Can you beat homemade beef stew with locally grown beef? Me thinks not.

baked veggies

Lisa J’s herby vegetable bake. Mmmm…cheesy herby goodness…

Baked Veggies Julienne in Phyllo

Did someone say parmesan cheese? That was just one of the splendid things about Denise’s Baked Veggies Julienne in Phyllo.

Avocado hummus veggie rollups

Judith’s Avocado Hummus Veggie Rollups. These were very tasty and would be great for summer picnics.

So much amazing food! Please forgive me if I didn’t get everyone or if I’ve forgotten who made which dish. I get so distracted by all the goodies sometimes I just forget to write things down! Recipes coming on the next post. Until then, happy baking/cooking/eating!


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