Summer appetizers -the photos

Well this has taken awhile, hasn’t it. Here we are, on the cusp of a new meetup (Thursday, August 20th at the Peach Pitt at 6.30. Theme: Orchard Fruits!) and I am only just posting the photos from our July meetup. I don’t know what my excuse is other than the days keep rolling past me at an unbelievable speed, and suddenly there’s a new month that is already half over, and I can barely remember my own name.

I do remember that we ate rather well last month at our summer appy and pool party, hosted by the glorious Lisa. I only have one recipe to go with the photos, so you’ll have to use the power of the big G(oogle) to look them up.

I’ve also forgotten the names of some of these delicious morsels, so I’m going to wind myself up and let myself go when it comes to the descriptions. First of all, you’ve got to start with the wine. On her kitchen wall Lisa has painted a saying that should be part of some kind of swearing in ceremony for people who move to the Okanagan.

life is too shortWe tried wine from one of Summerland’s newest wineries – Evolve Cellars. If you haven’t visited their tasting room yet, put it on your list! We also had some fabulous homemade Orange Muscat Dessert Wine, made I believe by Wendy’s hubby (correct me if I’m wrong!)

Then we ate. And ate some more. Because there were many, many treats. Behold, the selection.

appies 2 appies appies3

I will now go through the awesomeness so you can drool, starting with the one photo I didn’t take because these little gems were hiding in their container and I forgot about them. They are Lory’s Camembert stuffed apricots wrapped in bacon. Yes, all of those things together. Thankfully she had taken a photo before she left for our meetup.

Camebert stuffed apricots wrapped in baconIs your palette awakened? Are you ready for more? Then let’s begin.

beet tartar

Dorthea’s exquisite beet tartar was served with wee endive boats and slices of baguette. There was much laughter about the sad state of the endive available in the shops, but I can’t recall the exact wording. Anyone remember?

cheesey pastry squares

These were Janice’s little cheesy pastry bites, which I loved – I think I ate about four.

chocolate tarts

Does one ever need a reason to eat chocolate ganache that has been plunged into the waiting nook of chocolate pastry, before being topped with whipped cream and nuts? I didn’t think so. Thanks, Chantelle!

cornmeal bites

Laura had us embracing our childhood summers with these little cornmeal/wiener combos. Yup – I just said wiener.

curried chicken endive boats

Lisa’s friends made a curried chicken with grapes and other deliciousness that they spoon onto little bread rounds and also into the only depressed endive boats they could find. Reminded me of the coronation chicken we used to get on our jacket potatoes in the UK. Yum.

deviled eggs

Deviled eggs! Some were curried and some were with pesto. And they were sooooo good. I think Sharrylee made these – am I right?

filo pastry bites

These little cheesy filo pastry bites were full of cheesy goodness, and there was a sweetness to them as well. Was it Sandra or Wendy who made these little beauties?

hungarian cheese dip

Peter’s Hungarian cheese dip, served with crackers and veggies. Super low calorie (of course not, but who cares?), and so very tasty.

mini quiches

Lisa’s mini quiches! Six of these in a little tower and a nice salad – that would be a perfect lunch if you ask me.


Power bars are so early 2000s. Now we have Power Balls, brought to us by the lovely Jennifer, who is trying to make us all be healthier and try new vegan fare. They were delicious, so we’ll forgive her.

salmon rolls

What summer appy gathering is complete without salmon and cream cheese rolly-uppies? Thank you, Lisa for satisfying that craving.

taco boats

Tiny, precious taco boats, waiting to anchor themselves in your belly. I believe these were created by Wendy.

I almost forgot - I made cherry tomatoes stuffed with fresh mozzarella and basil, drizzled with balsamic vinegar. They were okay, but needed more punch.

I almost forgot – I made cherry tomatoes stuffed with fresh mozzarella and basil, drizzled with balsamic vinegar. They were okay, but needed more punch.

Now that we’ve done all that eating and wine drinking, let’s go for a swim in Lisa’s amazing salt water pool that that an amazing view of Okanagan lake. Swoon!

pool party 2 pool party swimming

Of course if you’re glass isn’t quite empty, relaxing on the balcony and gazing at the view is also wonderful.

Peter and Dorthea

And those were our adventures last month. Join us this Thursday for another fun time! Our theme is Orchard Fruits, but if you’re being overrun by zucchini (which it seems everyone is), make something with that. Bake it or don’t – it’s all about celebrating what we grow here in Summerland.

Peace, love and tiny endives who rediscover their power and vote out Harper,




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2 responses to “Summer appetizers -the photos

  1. Laura Harris

    Those were pepperoni, not wieners! Ha! Lovely write-up.

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