Café Noir – deliciousness report

We went, we marvelled at the mugs, we listened to sweet music, we drank delicious coffee, we sipped divinely good wine, and we devoured many, many decadent desserts. In short, Café Noir was made of awesome and I really hope we get to do it again next year. Thank you so much to everyone who baked for this lovely event! Especially big squeezes to Janice, Chantelle, Jan and the incomparable Karan.

Before I launch into a series of photos that I have dubbed “Desserts from every angle,” here are a few of the highlights from the Café Noir revelry. There are also more photos on the Arts Council Facebook page.

Cafe Noir 2015

Summerland Arts President David Finnis chatting to the sold out crowd.

Cafe Noir 2015 mugs

So hard to choose! The Summerland Potters Guild made more than 50 mugs.

Almost a Few

Sean Perdue and Dean Hanenberg of Almost a Few made gorgeous music all evening. Click the photo to go to their Facebook page.

lone tree coffee

After Darin from lone tree coffee had finished making me a frothy latte for my lovely new mug, I asked “Hey Darin, is this caffeinated?” The look says it all. Oh, yeah.

Sonoran Winery

Summerland wine with your desserts? Yes, please! The lovely owners of Sonoran Estate Winery not only brought their Oraniensteiner for us to try, they also brought their Happy Dragon fortified red wine, which cake lady extraordinaire Chantelle was happy to sample.

Sonoran Winery happy dragon

If you haven’t tried this wine yet, you need to! Sonoran is open noon-4pm on weekends for the winter. Seriously: #nomnomnom

Onward with the desserts! I am not certain who made some of them, but needless to say, they were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

white chocolate cardamom cake

Karan’s White Chocolate Cardamom Cake. So goooood.

desserts 1

I am pretty certain at least some of these treats can be attributed to the glorious Janice. 

Desserts from above

Desserts from above


The glasses are filled with a trifle of four chocolates, containing True Grain brownies drizzled with rum, a milk chocolate cream, white chocolate mousse and dark chocolate sauce.

Coconut Macaroons

Jan’s Coconut Macaroons. So delicious with coffee.

chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake. Who made this? You are splendid.


Chantelle’s Chocolate Truffle Cups (right) were filled with the richest, most glorious dark chocolate ganache.


It is not possible to have too many macaroons.


Brownie Bites? Don’t mind if I do.

desserts 1 desserts5 desserts7

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