January event – vegan potluck / movie night

Greetings, fellow foodie adventurers!

We have a January event with a bit of a twist.

In the past few months, my health has hit a wall. For some time, sugar has been screaming at me that it is no longer my friend, and I have reached the stage when I am no longer able to ignore it. In this gluttonous affair that is my life, I must now find new ways to celebrate food. That is not to say that sugar is bared from our gatherings, only that our adventures will expand to include a wider variety of foods and recipes.


We start this month with our very first Vegan Potluck, and we will be gathering at one and only Summerland Waterfront Resort (have you seen their fresh new website – launched this week!) The culinary goddess that is Lisa J (perhaps best known for her fabulous lemon tarts and awesome quinoa pizza crust) will be our hostess for the evening. Along with our colourful vegan offerings, this will be our first movie night! Our foodie clan will be taking over the Resort’s ballroom and I have procured a copy of The Hundred-Foot Journey for us to watch.

Meetup Date: Wednesday, January 28

Time: 6ish until 9ish (this meetup will be a bit longer because we’ve got a movie to watch!)

What to bring: Your favourite vegan dish to share. It can be savoury or sweet, and it doesn’t have to be baked, but you can certainly bake if you prefer. If extravagant salads are your thing, then go wild with your salad making! If your recipe is from a favourite vegan cookbook, feel free to bring it for show and tell.

Leftovers: If you’re keen to take home leftovers (who isn’t?), it may be advisable to bring a small selection of Tupperware in which to haul your various goodies.

RSVP: I need to let Lisa know our numbers for the evening, so please let me know if you’ll be attending. I remain at pleasebringcake@gmail.com. (Do I need a new email if I can’t eat much cake anymore?)

Hope to see you all there!

Peace, love and chickpeas,


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