Well done, bakers! 2014 Summerland Fall Fair

I GOT A BLUE RIBBON! My cake may have been a disaster but I still got my very first blue ribbon for my sweet chilli jam! Cue the curvy woman dance, which is kind of like a wiggle with an undertone of ecstatic power.

Fall Fair 2014_6


While I was at the Fall Fair today, I ran into some fellow cake ladies and saw several familiar names on submissions. Well done to everyone who put forward their creations this year, and also to everyone who is supporting the Fall Fair by buying a ticket. It was a hive of activity this morning, which was great to see.

More fall fair baking photos did I hear you say? Well, alrighty then! Chantelle’s hard work and multiple submissions paid off! And I don’t know what those judges were thinking, not awarding a ribbon for Janice’s pumpkin pie. We ate that pie – it was awesome. I call for a recount! Hooray also for Kim and her excellent #piebomb! If I missed anyone I’m so sorry – it was hectic and there were so many things to look at! If you have Fall Fair photos to share, please post them on our Facebook page.

Fall Fair 2014_1 Fall Fair 2014_2 Fall Fair 2014_3 Fall Fair 2014_4 Fall Fair 2014_5 Fall Fair 2014_7 Fall Fair 2014_8 Fall Fair 2014_9 I got mine at the Apple Barn


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