Bakes from Abroad- by a gathering of broads

International bakesThere were two overwhelming influences that saturated our first international bakes meetup, or “Bakes from Abroad” as I had dubbed it in honour of the wee house in which I live, which used to be a post office in Summerland. First, there was a truly impressive amount of whipped cream and berry combinations, which I think we all agreed was quite glorious. Next, there was the occasional generous splash of booze. Berries, Whipped Cream and Booze may just have to become our official Summerland Bakers tagline. Or Booze, Berries and Whipped Cream – depending on our mood.

France won the day, with more French recipes than any other country. This included a cherry clafoutis, a chilled French cream potato and leek soup known as a Vichyssoise, a delicious quiche lorraine, soft and fluffy cheese buns, and crepes with a berry sauce. Representing Germany we had Orangenstabchen cookies, an apricot platz and a fruchtkuchen (fruit cake), while from England there was a rather giant and glorious traditional trifle, complete with dash or two of limoncello for good measure.

Quiche LorraineMy friends from the Edinburgh Bakers would have been proud to see the Scottish Cranachan trifle, which had a generous splash of whisky and was accompanied by Scottish oat cakes and a wee coo for decoration. Denmark was represented by a rice pudding with a tart and lovely berry sauce, and Vanora brought Guernsey to Summerland with a traditional apple dessert called a Gâche Melée. From Italy there was a tiramisu with an Okanagan rhubarb and berry twist. From the Middle East there was my attempt at an olive oil and moscato cake with apricots that had been baked in white wine and vanilla sugar.

Finally, we had not one but two versions of Dutch Speculaas Cookies, Chantelle’s dainty shapes and Jennifer’s “Bake of Broads.” Well, it seemed someone had to do it, and I’m not at all surprised it was Jennifer.

Scottish Crannachanbakes of broadsSummerland_BakersIt was a rather lovely evening. Thank you, everyone! I will post the recipes next time. Until then, here are the details of our next meetup:

  • When: Thursday, August 7
  • Where: Okanagan Crush Pad
  • Time: 6:30pm.
  • Theme: TOP SECRET. But you know. You all know. Fall Fair Program. Page 20. Wink wink, nudge nudge. More will be revealed via the email newsletter this week.

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