July 17: Bakes From Abroad!

Greetings, savvy bakers,

The Summerland Bakers July meetup will be at my (Sophia’s) house on Thursday, July 17th. The wee house that we rent was once used as a post office in Summerland in the early 1900s, so our theme will be recipes from other countries or “Bakes from Abroad.” India! UK! New Zealand! Italy! Austria! Papua new guinea!  This month, our bakes will span the globe.

Alternatively, as Kim S would say, “I’m a broad; all my bakes are from a broad.” However, if you’re going with the this theme, your bake should be inspired by famous New York mafia wives.

Dinner’s on the table.

Carlo Rizzi:
I’m not hungry yet.

Your food is on the table. It’s getting cold.

Carlo Rizzi:
I’ll eat out later.

You just told me to make you dinner!

Carlo Rizzi:
Hey, vaffanculo, eh?

I’ll vaffanculo you!

You get the idea.

We’ll be meeting at 6:30ish. Please RSVP so I can figure out how many chairs I need. Email me at pleasbringcake@gmail.com.

Go forth, and bake!


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