Bakers…our Time has come


Have you all seen this month’s cover of Time Magazine? We should really have some kind of party. Oh, wait – we are! Next Thursday at Grape Escape Guest House, where we will show off our appetizers and tour a vineyard. Because that’s how we roll, yo.

Time: 6:00pm (slightly earlier than usual so we have time to tour the vineyard with George).

Bring: Delicious appetizers, and Tupperware for leftovers. Oh, and your camera to take photos of the views of Garnet Valley.

RSVP: Let me know if you’re coming so I can give the lovely Gerri our numbers.

Carpool: Email me if you need a ride and we can arrange lifts between us.

The only question that remains is, how much butter will you be using?

baking with butterbutter



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