Baking with Ancient Grains Meetup

I am quite overwhelmed by the awesomeness of this month’s baking event. At more than 20 bakers, this was our biggest gathering to date. What I didn’t realize that it was also the one year anniversary of Summerland Bakers. Thinking back to our first meetup in April of last year, we were just five ladies getting together to laugh and enjoy a bit of cake. Of course my first bake was a disaster, and to be honest that hasn’t really changed much.

Fast forward 12 months, and oh my, do we have some incredible bakers and cooks in Summerland. I owe the growth of this group to all those regulars who have invited, tempted, cajoled, or lured unsuspecting novices to one of our events. To you die-hard dedicated cake lovers (you know who you are) I adore you beyond measure.

The response to our “Ancient Grain” theme was incredible. So many were eager to try take advantage of great local ingredients and try something new. And what a spread we produced, filling the display cabinet at True Grain Bread with everything from Amaranth Breakfast Loaf to Hemp Seed Cookies. Our taste buds were delighted by Quinoa-base pizza, a Barley and Berry Pudding, Chocolate Cake, Barley Pilaf, and loaves of Homemade Bread made with Spelt, Emmer Red Fife and even Einkorn.

Behold our glorious gathering!

Summerland Bakers at True Grain Bread

Baking with Ancient Grains meetupA huge thank you to True Grain Bread Owner Todd for hosting our group and providing tours of the bakery and the Austrian-designed stone mill. We learned about the processes used for different grains, the nutritional value of the grains, and got to see the mill in action.

Along with the behind-the-scenes tour, Todd filled us in on some of the exciting new products the company is now working on (I shall post announcements when they launch!) And aside from all the treats we brought ourselves, Todd sent us all home with cookies, coupons, and loaves of True Grain bread. Thanks also to Jan for bringing gifts of beautiful carrier bags featuring ambrosia apples!

Thank you, Todd! Check out the short video of the evening, made by our lovely member Kim Lawton. The song is “icing” – how fitting!

True Grain Bread GoodiesTrue Grain Bread TourAncient Grain meetup at True Grain

I will begin posting recipes next time. If you attended, please email your recipe so I can share it!

In the meantime, please mark your calendars for next month’s event:
When: Thursday, May 22
Where: Valentine Farm
Theme: “High Tea.” We’re talking finger sandwiches, Victoria Sponge, mini cupcakes and scones. Bring your favourite, most delightful tea cup, and haul out your prettiest plate or platter to display your creation. If you have a hat fit for a garden party, wear it, or make one!
RSVP required – email to confirm your spot and let me know what you’re bringing so we can avoid doubles and have a grand selection.



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  1. Wow, looks fantastic. The photos are very well done!

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