Sunday scone interlude

2014-03-09 14.06.09When was the last time you drank tea from a proper china cup? I’m usually a mug girl, so it was delightful to take some time to meet with a couple of fellow bakers for a short Sunday scone and tea interlude. We enjoyed several kinds of scones, including apricot and gouda, smoked cheese and herb, lemon yoghurt and the plain ones that I had made which had managed to be both overcooked and under-baked at the same time.

Our tea selection included darjeeling, mojito (lime and mint), and green tea. And no scone session is complete without a selection of jams, which included plum jam, cherry jam and freezer strawberry jam (my personal favourite).

When I arrived home with my leftovers in tow, the first thing my husband said to me was “Please tell me that after you had finished eating, you looked at your empty plate and said “It’s scone!” Of course I had not. None of us had, despite some other excellent puns, including Cheryl’s one about how baking with ancient grains often “spelt disaster.” Ha! But “It’s scone!” How could we miss it?

2014-03-09 14.06.34

How about you – any baking adventures this weekend?

Remember to mark you calendars for March’s 20th St. Patrick’s Day themed meetup. Let me know if you can attended by emailing me at


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