December Cookie Swap!

Is there anything as pleasurable as eating cookies at 10am on a Saturday morning?

Imagine yourself at the start of your weekend, cozy in a warm room overlooking a parade of freezing white caps on Okanagan Lake, laughing with great company, and nibbling on cookies between sips of coffee that has been topped up with a generous splash of liqueur. Add to this two adorable puppies to fawn over and cuddle.


I have always been a fan of the feeling of culinary abundance. I like the sensual kaleidoscope that occurs with the mingling of many flavours and textures. More than this, I love foodie collaborations because to me, each dish represents a story. I imagine them being born from each person’s creativity, and the subsequent aroma that has filled the individual kitchens. When they are packed up and brought together, the meaning and pleasure of all of those little moments of life suddenly intensifies, simply through the act of sharing. What was already wonderful becomes more wonderful, a subtle theatre of compounded deliciousness.

There were shortbread and sugar cookies, ginger snaps and oatmeal chocolate chip, mint chocolate truffles and snickerdoodles (as a lover of words, I find the name “snickerdoodle” utterly scrumptious, on par with “dillydally” and “chimichanga“).


I think all in attendance would agree that it was a lovely morning. Outside it was cold, but we were warm and well fed and laughing at the puppies who thought they were being discreet with their begging.

Thanks to all our bakers for making our first cookie swap a rousing success, and a very big thank you to the lovely Lisa for hosting us. I shall post the recipes and cookie photos next time!


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