November meetup: Laughter and sugar highs

Cake tableI think our November meetup will go down in baking club history as the evening in which we relished our failures. For some of us, it was the first time we had tried to bake using alternative methods, whether gluten or wheat free, sugar free or egg free.

As we went around the room regaling our tales of triumph or woe, there were many nods of understanding, and plenty of laughter.

I must share some of the quotes as I recall them:

Kim G’s reaction following her first attempt at gluten free red velvet brownies: “I said to my husband, ‘We don’t have to eat this crap! And then I threw it to the chickens, and even they wouldn’t eat it.”

Jeanne’s experience using coconut milk to make whipped cream: “I couldn’t figure out why there wasn’t very much, but then I noticed the tin said ‘reduced fat.’ So I had to beat it like crazy forever, and it still didn‘t do what I wanted.”

Christine’s discovery that the key ingredient to the popcorn cakes were below par: “There was something wrong with the kernels. They were more than stale. There isn’t a harsh enough word for how stale they were.”

Janice’s challenges when faced with creating meringues with orange cream: “They went flat and now they look like fried eggs.”

CakesCake LadiesThen there was gallant first charge towards the treat table by our newest members. Once you have been to a few cake meetings, you get to know your limits, and usually you will configure a collection of the smallest samples possible onto your plate, in order to try as much of everything as you can.

But if you’re new, all you can see is 17 items in front of you, and chances are you’re really going to go for it until your plate resembles a small mountain.

For our lovely new members who may still be suffering from their sugar hangovers, you have run the cake gauntlet and come through it to bake another day. I really must develop some kind of badge for surviving such an ordeal. Perhaps it should look something like Kim’s pocket of have-fork-will-eat-cake:

CakeForkErinThank you to Good Omens for allowing me to make your amazing Quinoa Brownie, which is now as the “GOQuB” in the Summerland Bakers circle. My version of the GOQuB lacked the clean edges and sturdy refinement of the original, but the flavour and rich texture were still there.

Finally, a huge thank you to our hostess Barb at Cherry Tree Quilts, who recently celebrated her one year anniversary in business. I’m glad we got to enjoy such a great evening in your beautiful shop!

I will post recipes next time. Until then, mark your calendars for a slightly different meetup:

DATE: Saturday, December 7
THEME: The Great Summerland Cookie Swap
TIME: 10am -11:30am
LOCATION: Lisa L’s house (directions will be emailed to bakers who confirm their spot by December 6)
DETAILS: Bakers are challenged to bake six dozen of their chosen cookie, and come prepared for the swap by bringing along a baking tin in which to fit all your treats. Cups of tea will be consumed, and cookies will be nibbled.
TO CONFIRM: Email me at to let me know you’re attending, and also what you’re bringing. The goal is to have everyone bringing something different. Macarons and Gingersnaps are already taken!


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