An open letter to a Good Omens Quinoa Brownie

Dearest Good Omens Quinoa Brownie (or as I prefer to call you on account of its adorable ring: GOQuB)

The first time I saw you, I thought you looked like a pint of Guinness that had been turned into a Lego block. I thought if I could ever stack enough of you together, I would have the outer walls for Willy Wonka’s factory.

Perhaps it was because of all those serious angles that I mistook you for one of those “no frills” desserts. You know the ones – the reliable yet forgettable kind you half wrap in a napkin and munch on while you wait for something else to happen.

I was wrong. I am sorry.


It is impossible for me to describe the combination of your brawny exterior and the multitude of tiny delicacies that make up your bulk without descending into the realm of metaphor, so I will do just that. For you are Chuck Norris reading Oscar Wilde in a field of daisies and shell casings. You are the bass drum’s affair with the triangle. You are Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a plie.

In just over a week I will meet with my baking group for our first “free from” theme. I have scoured the internet for “gluten free quinoa brownie,” but none of the ones I’ve found look as deep, dense, and delicious as you, and all seem to be lacking your endearing little icing comb-over.

GOQuB1My only hope is that your creators might reveal to me your secrets (for use on only a temporary basis of course), so that I may wow my fellow cake ladies with the heights that can be achieved in the gluten free world.

My adoration of you would only increase if you could appeal to your creators on my behalf, that I might be allowed to whip you up in my own kitchen and carry you triumphantly into the room on bake night. And of course, should there be any leftovers, you know you will be well taken care of.

Your greatest fan,

Sophia the cake lady

PS – should there be others reading this who would like to join in this month’s festivities, the details are as follows:

  • Date & Time: Wednesday November 13th, 7pm
  • Where: Cherry Tree Quilt Shop and Studio, Main Street
  • Theme: “Free From.” This could be sugar free, wheat free, gluten free – whatever suits your fancy
  • Be sure to bring: Tupperware for leftovers


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2 responses to “An open letter to a Good Omens Quinoa Brownie

  1. Nifer

    Ha ha ha. You are so silly and I love you dearly. Endearing little icing comb-over? I wish I could live in your literary head once in a while. I hope you get the recipe because the brownies look divine. I am still championing for the guilt-free recipe but I will keep looking…

    • please_bring_cake

      I am silly, says the lady who takes price comparison photos of TP and cat food while on holiday. I’m all over guilt-free like Saul Goodman. 🙂

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