Getting tarty

The second gathering of our little baking club was even better than the first, with eight of us in attendance and an abundance of tarty goodness to share.


lemon_tartsA few of us bent the rule in what could be truly defined as a “tart.” Both of my desserts – a raw food tropical fruit tart and a chocolate tart – were really more like pies. But despite the chocolate tart burning slightly on the bottom, it still had that mud pie flavour and was rich and delicious.

Kelsey and Lorena’s “chocolate chip cookie tart” with peanut butter icing really did look like a giant iced cookie, but oh was it good. Brilliant comfort food that I will need to recreate the next time I am struck down with a cold.

Then there was Jennifer’s lobster and asparagus “egg tart,” which, let’s be honest, was really a quiche. But it was ever so delicious and perfect to snack on between bouts of sugar overload. The leftovers I had packed away for myself didn’t even make it to the next day.

Straight out of the oven and onto the baking club table were Lisa’s lemon tarts, with a bit of strawberry and basil. Is there anything that can beat homemade lemon curd? I think not.

raspberry_sour_cream_tartChristine and Haley’s raspberry and sour cream tart was both refreshing and rich and oh so Moorish. Finally, Cheryl treated us all to classic butter tarts. I had no idea that adding a little vinegar helps put a bit of zing in the filling.

I’m already planning ahead for this month’s event, the theme for which will be “seasonal fruits.” If we manage to get some hot weather, we could be in luck with cherries, but there are raspberries and strawberries as well. Having dealt with two slight baking disasters for the last two bake nights, I’m determined to practice my recipe at least once.

If you’re an amateur baker and you need another reason to bake and eat cakes, we’d love to have you! Email me at to sign up for the next meeting.

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