They came, they saw, they ate cake

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I am pleased to report that the first gathering of our little baking club went off without a hitch. A small band of four enthusiastic cake lovers took to eating cake for no reason as easily as breathing.


Cake_LadyAnd of course the hostess was equally eager to get stuck into the delights of cakey goodness.

We didn’t have a theme other than “cake” and we ended up with great variety among our three cakes. There was Christine and Haley’s “too much chocolate cake” (apparently that’s what it is called, something to do with the addition of chocolate chips into the otherwise already chocolatey mix).

However, we all agreed the name should be changed, perhaps to “an appropriate amount of chocolate cake.” It was topped with Hayley’s espresso icing, which makes use of marshmallow fluff. The other secret ingredient is love. All things combined, it was one delicious cake.


The lovely Jennifer (aka Nif) struggled to keep her jam between the layers of her white cake during the application of her coconut and rum icing. If anyone reading this knows a trick to avoid this, please share your findings! Despite the gooey setback, the cake was excellent and the icing was particularly Moorish.


Finally, my attempt at a strawberry pavlova fell flat – literally. I made the mistake of not leaving the pavlova in the oven to cool. Fearing I had already overcooked it (which I had), I took it out and then did not allow it to cool long enough before placing it in a sealed container. In the end it looked nothing like the recipe, but the obscene amount of strawberries and cream slathered on top made it more than bearable.


Next month, the them will be “tarts!” If you would like an excuse to murder your healthy eating habits in a truly dramatic fashion on May 30, email and sign up. Savoury or sweet tarts – it doesn’t matter. Just get tarty!



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2 responses to “They came, they saw, they ate cake

  1. Kate Ramsay

    Looks yummy. Sounds like fun:0). Nif, I was thinking about the jam you were in. Lol! Sorry, bad pun. Any who. I have an idea or five. Perhaps, ice the top of the cake before putting it on the jam layer. Or you could add more gelatine to the jam to thicken it. Or maybe make a reversed cake. Icing in the middle and jam on top. Or spread the jam on the bottom of the cake and freeze it for 10-15 minutes so the jam is firmer and as it warms it will absorb into the top of the cake. Or call it a dip cake and have pieces of cake you “dip” in jam and icing. Lol:0)) I hope these ideas inspire.
    Happy baking:0)

    • please_bring_cake

      I love the idea of putting the cake with jam on it into the freezer for a few minutes. Brilliant! As is the idea of dip cake. Mmmm….dip cake.

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